[NAFEX] Cold Hardy Citrus

philip sauber mrxtexas at lycos.com
Thu Jan 16 18:58:31 EST 2003

I'd say the thomasville selection I tasted was the best of the cold hardy trifoliate crosses generally available.  It is edible but not enjoyable to eat.  The fruit can be eaten skin and all like a kumquat.  The skin is about as edible as the fruit.  For Seattle residents, I'd recommend growing citrus that tastes good in a pot carried in on freezing nights or greenhouse.  Nothing edible is likely to survive outdoors.  Lack of hot weather will also be a problem.

>Based on your description on how bad the fruit tastes, I wouldn't consider
>growing it as a replacement for the sweet oranges I buy at the fruit stand.
>I guess my remaining culinary interest in growing thomasville would be for
>the peel.  My wife often sends me out to the store in search of organic
>citrus that she carefully scratches the zest from and incorporates into
>chocolate truffle recipes.  It would be really cool if she could say we grew
>the citrus that went into the truffles.  Any idea of the quality of zest
>that this citrus can produce?  It would also be cool to say we grew the
>cocao beans that went into the truffles, but I don't see that happening in
>zone 7.

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