[NAFEX] Hardy Citrus

philip sauber mrxtexas at lycos.com
Wed Jan 15 17:48:18 EST 2003

I have tasted a seedling thomasville and a thomasville selection.  The seedling was horrible and couldn't be sweetened with any amount of sugar.  It tasted like sulfuric acid.  The selection was barely edible.  I grafted my seedling with the selection last year but will graft something edible this year to it like satsuma.  I'd call it famine food.  If that was the last food on earth, you'd probably eat it.  The average person wouldn' take a second bite and might spit out the first one if no one was looking.  I've tasted many cold hardy citrus fruit and they were uniformly horrible.  Citrus nuts in Houston, TX grow them.  Ichang lemon is sour with next to no lemon flavor.  Here they aren't that cold hardy either.  The problem with trifoliate citrus hybrids is that the hybrid vigor of the cross make them vigorous growers which is not what you want for cold hardiness.  For cold hardiness, you want no sap flowing in the winter.  The bad taste of the trifoliate disappears far slower than the cold hardiness appears.  I have grown thomasville and swingle citrumelo for rootstock and can testify that they are more vigorous growers than trifoliate.

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