[NAFEX] Geneva 16

Dr. Ethan Natelson natelson at pipeline.com
Sat Jan 11 07:31:20 EST 2003

Dear Mike,

     In the lead article of the most recent edition of Compact Fruit Tree,
the publication of the International Dwarf Fruit Tree Association, the
authors indicate the advantages of G-16 over M 9 are better fireblight
resistance and slightly better yield.  The downside is the extreme
sensitivity to latent viruses in the grafted scion which can abruptly kill
the tree.  I have had that happen here in Houston.  Thus, grafted wood must
be virus free.  They also claim that it is not yet clear if G-16 is cold hardy. 

                                  Regards, Ethan

At 12:15 AM 1/11/03 -0500, you wrote:
>I've been poring over catalogs trying to figure out this year's order and
>just when I thought I would order trees on Bud 9 my friend suggested that
>Geneva 16 might be a superior rootstock.  Any thoughts on this?
>Mike Levine
>Ann Arbor, MI
>zone 5b
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