[NAFEX] Using preservatives in chocolate cherries

Dean Kreutzer deankreutzer at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 7 20:06:56 EST 2003

Hello everyone,

I have made some chocolate covered cherries this Xmas, and was pleased with 
the results.  However, I have to freeze them in order to make sure that the 
cherry does not spoil inside the chocolate.  I understand that I could put a 
huge amount of sugar with the cherry, as sugar acts as a preservative, but 
I'd rather not spoil the unique taste it already has.

I've noticed on organic fruit juices they use citric acid and ascorbic acid 
to preserve the juice.  Does anyone know of what quantity of these 
substances to use, or the method of using, in my situation?  I am especially 
interested in 'organic' preservatives as I am importing organic chocolate as 

Thanks for the help!

Dean Kreutzer
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
USDA Zone 3

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