[NAFEX] can I graft apple to pear or hawthorn?

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 6 10:23:54 EST 2003

Thanks, I'll pass all this on to my neighbor that is on the sand, I have no 
memory of his tree's leaf condition, Del

>Del:      The manure is a good start but to insure all elements are present 
>should add a complete fertilizer that contains trace elements, such as 
>plus trace,  plus magnesium sulphate and then lime for the calcium. Then 
>should be in business if the manure is not too strong and ties up the zinc
>and copper as it does for pecan. I worked on plant nutrition for quite a
>number of years so when in doubt I add everything as I mentioned. Good 
>Any unusual growth symptoms on the leaves?

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