[NAFEX] Clay,gypsum,cobalt

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Jan 5 16:23:00 EST 2003

del stubbs wrote:

> Thanks much Joe for your explanations.
> I have been considering amending my clay hill apple orchard with gypsum 
> but wonder how to apply it. Considering clay's nature I would think that 
> a surface application, say a ton per acre, would never get down into the 
> clay to do its work. I would think it would have to be worked down deep 
> with heavy equipment prior to planting. Can surface application work?
>     Secondly, during the last Nafex conference a knowledgeable grower  
> strongly recommended cobalt as the solution to breaking up clay. I have 
> no idea what level of application, and would not want to over appply. 
> Does it work with ions as well, or some other mechanism?
> Del

I would not apply gypsum and especially not cobalt (toxic & I have never heard
that it will tilth clay soil).

Do apply compost, rock powders and compost tea (24 hour compost) and also use Effective Microorganism,
Japanese soft-tech, Fermented Plant Extracts (mainly bacteria, lactobacillus), Indian soft-tech,
and Indigenous Microorganisms (Korean soft-tech). You will be amazed at the results and the low cost
of getting the soil tilth and fertility you need. Rock powders, as siltation pond fines, are available
free for the hauling from most rock quarries.

lfl at intrex.net

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