[NAFEX] Re: Ground Egg Shells

LONGDISTSHTR longdistshtr at InfoAve.Net
Sun Jan 5 12:21:41 EST 2003

I have heard that  crumbled egg shells are eaten by Martins if you
scatter them around under the nesting boxes.  I tried it and I didn't
see any Martins pick them up, but the shell pieces disappeared so
something got them.
We used to feed them to chickens with the expectation that they would
act, as oyster shells do, as a source of calcium.  At least the chicken
manure worked, so perhaps this helped the marigolds which always got
their share of "gump dooky" every year. "Cackle Berry" shells must be
good for something besides encasing an embryonic fowl. Calcium is
required by all living things as far as I know.
Doc Lisenby

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