[NAFEX] can I graft apple to pear or hawthorn?

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 4 01:37:49 EST 2003

>     We own Tennessee hillside land, land that is largely devoid of 
>nutrients... But my apple trees have
>one by one succumbed to borers and voles..... but they still hardly >grow.  
>Pear seedlings, by >contrast, have fairly alarming vigor.  .      >Donna

We are on nearly pure clay hills, apples and pears are happy, but a neighbor 
is on seemingly pure sand (all thanks to ice age glaciers) and his apples 
are struggling.   I'd like to hear ideas on what's up with pears thriving so 
differently than apples - (considering they were once even linked within the 
same genus).
Secondly, would appreciate opinions on efficient ways to make barren ground 
happy for apples, my first thought is simply horse manure in large 
quantities, Del

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