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Oh yes, I am on Brindlee Mountain about 35 miles south of Huntsville, AL half way between Arab and Guntersville. It is only my private hobby. My grandfather was a horticulturist along with his 2 brothers growing flowers and fruit in Thorsby,AL.
    I can get you cuttings anytime. Seed about first part of May.
They are very susceptible to rust, especially if cedars are in the neighborhood. They do make a gourmet jelly. There is a commercial cottage industry in LA. with about 100 members in the organization.
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  Tell us more about your farm.  Is it part of a nursery or is it your private garden?  Where is it located?
  -Mark Lee, Seattle z7

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    It has been suggested that we list what we are growing. I have 6.42 acres here all filled up. Varieties are as follows:
    Pecans, 25 types, muscadines and grapes, 54 vines, all different, about 10 or more types of blackberries, 30 young apples trees, about 14 Mayhaws with various other types grafted onto nearly all, 25 plus types of figs, 5 types of plums with several repeats, about 6 grafted peaches and more seedlings on trial, an apricot, a cherry plum, a cherry, 3 paw paws, 2 jujubes,one Goumi berry, a dozen or so Oriental persimmons, 12 blueberries, and 5 pear trees with numerous types on them(One has 9 types).
          These are all only 3 years old or less; however, last year i had plenty of blackberries, grapes, and figs. I need 2 more seasons on my pecans, most of which were selected for scab resistance and quality. I must add that while I have many names there are also many that names have been lost or were never known. 
                                                           R. D. O'Barr
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