[NAFEX] Clive Simms

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Thu Jan 2 13:15:50 EST 2003

He has great pictures.  I found it interesting that he did not have a
picture of cherry prinsepia.  I assume that he has not yet been able to get
this to fruit in England.  Lon has commented before that this plant would
probably be unproductive in Seattle.  Has anyone had luck with this fruit?
-Mark Lee, Seattle z7

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   A NAFEX member in the UK, Clive Simms has a nursery and his website is
quite enjoyable with good pictures of a number of unusual fruits.   Have a
look at http://www.clivesimms.com
He must be doing well - more than half of the items are sold out already.
-Lon Rombough
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