[NAFEX] [NAFEX]A.Alnifolia/Canadensis

Lucky.Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Jan 1 19:38:30 EST 2003

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>Anyone who grows both specie have a comment on how the fruit is different
>betwixt the two?   Del

Most of mine are young, and have produced few berries, but so far, my 
favorites are a couple of seedlings of Timm & Success, purchased from the 
defunct Bear Creek Nursery.  Also have Smoky, Regent, Theissen, Honeywood(or 
is it Forestburg?) Martin, Nelson, and Success, all from St. Lawrence - 
they've not produced many berries - first crop this year for a couple of them.
 Also have Jennybelle(A.obovata), and have access to a couple of nice A.laevis 
trees in town, at the public library.
My favorites, at this time, are the Timm & Success seedlings, followed by the 
A.laevis, then the other named alnifolias(this may change as they get more age 
on them, with Jennybelle at the bottom - her fruits are too soft and juicy, 
with little flavor - but the birds really like them.


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