[NAFEX] Crab Apples as Pollinizers

John Bunker jbunker at gwi.net
Wed Feb 5 21:21:28 EST 2003

on 2/4/03 3:54 PM, Thomas Olenio at tolenio at sentex.net wrote:

> Hello All,
> I have read that Crab apples are excellent pollinizors for crop apples.
> Does anyone know what varieties of Crab bloom at particular times, to
> coordinate with apple
> blooms? (early, mid, late)
> Thanks,
> Tom


I would suggest that you check out Flowering Crabapples, the Genus Malus by
John Fiala.  It is the definitive book on crabapples.  He lists and
describes hundreds of varieties.  Most are ornamental.  It is quite possible
to have a progression of bloomers from very early to very late.  It is also
possible to insure annual bloom as many ornamental crabs bloom every year.
Some of the most beautiful crabs don't have fruit at all, such as Spring
Snow (very early) and Prince Georges (very late).  It's possible to locate
absolutely spectacular varieties with a little research-not like the junk
you find in most nurseries and on most lawns.


John Bunker
Palermo ME

Where the first crabs will be blooming in eleven weeks or so...

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