[NAFEX] Transplanting Kiwi Vine

boyd manges bmanges at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 29 16:58:26 EDT 2003

I'ld also recommend a drip irrigation system...even
big paint buckets with holes...you can't water a big
transplant enough during the hot IA summer. and it
should be moved NOW or in the fall.

boyd manges z5 petoskey, MI

--- Kiwi Korners <kiwikrnr at sunlink.net> wrote:
> Dear Charlie,
> Not knowing the age, or the trunk circumference of
> your "found" hardy kiwi vine, rule of thumb for an
> arbor planting is as follows:
> Look for two good sized shoots ( one right and one
> left ) at the five to six foot level which you can
> use for two cordons and cut off the trunk & growth
> above them.  If you can't locate shoots for existing
> cordons, you can just cut the vine off at the
> desired height.
> Probe a diameter for the plant's roots as a good
> number of the roots will be a fine net system just
> below the surface.  If the plant is older, excavate
> slowly to locate tap roots.  You may need a machine
> i.e. small backhoe.
> It's always better when transplanting to have a
> larger amount of root system than top growth.
> Make the new plant hole one third larger than the
> root ball.  Plant the vine in a well drained area
> with full sun and make certain you water it all
> summer if needed.
> Good luck.
> Kiwi Korners
> www.kiwiberry.com
> Charlie Knoles wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>    I recently found a long neglected and very
> obviously unwanted mature 
> Hardy Kiwi vine in the trailer park where I live and
> I want to transplant 
> it to another location before someone comes along
> and destroys it.
>    I have never transplanted any mature plants
> before and would like advice 
> on the proper way to do this.
> Charlie Knoles
> Fairfield IA
> Zone 5>
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