[NAFEX] Oregon Pink Fleshed Apple?

William A. Grimes wagrimes at sonic.net
Mon Apr 28 12:06:41 EDT 2003

The CRFG received the following email from a man in Hillsboro, Oregon 
asking for help in identifying an apple:

Can you help me? I need help identifying an apple tree. About a year ago my 
Mom's friend gave us some apples from their tree. They were red on the 
outside, and tasted very much like a Red Gravenstein apple on the inside. 
The only difference with this apple was that the meat of the apple was a 
very deep pink. Even when made into applesauce it came out with a deep pink 
color. The tree was planted about 100 years ago. By the Parents of my Mom's 
friend. They have know idea what kind of apple tree it was that their 
parents had planted.
Just for the heck of it during the last week of February 2003, I decided to 
graft a few small branches onto my Mom's Granny Smith Tree and I grafted 
one small branch onto my Gravenstein (just for the fun of it) All grafts 
have taken.
In the mean time I thought I would try and track down what type of tree it 
is. Any ideas?

I told him that my guess would be Pink Pearl but that this apple was not 
introduced by Albert Etter until 1944 (per the Seed Savers Fruit, Berry and 
Nut Inventory, Third Edition).  Perhaps the 100 years is a red herring (no 
pun intended). Can anyone else think of other possibilities?

Bill Grimes
Golden Gate Chapter, CRFG
golden_gate at crfg.org

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