[NAFEX] bumble bee as pollinator

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Here's a link to something about buzz pollination, done by bumblebees and my favorite native bees, the andrenids:


When I still lived in Maine, I helped out with a study of native bee populations in the blueberry barrens.  Andrenids thrive in those untilled, well drained sands.  Well, they would thrive if they weren't blasted with Guthion and other sprays as soon as the rental bees are hauled away.  Here, andrenids nest in all the loose soil they can find, including my pots of fig trees.  Any cultivation after they complete their nests will destroy the young.

In exchange for me disturbing as little soil as possible during the growing season, not spraying insecticides, and having something in bloom throughout the season, native bees pollinate everything for me.  And they work whether it's cold and wet or warm and dry when the trees bloom.  It's a fair trade.

Bruce Wittchen
Zone 6 CT

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>Everyone should read the book Bumblebee Economics by Bernard Heinrich 
>these insects are absolutely fascinating.

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