[NAFEX] bumble aggression

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Sat Apr 26 07:27:34 EDT 2003

Lucky Pittman wrote:
> Good non-toxic idea, Gene.
> I'll still use gasoline on yellowjacket nests(I hate those boogers), but 
> now that I'm into fruit-growing, I try to preserve any and all potential 
> pollenators.  Haven't yet run across a bumblebee nest in the orchard or 
> nut grove, but I have mowed over a few out in the pasture.  Fortunately, 
> I've spotted them circling around as I made my next pass, and just gave 
> 'em a wide berth.

There are basically two groups of yellowjackets (by feeding).  One group 
are predators and the others start out as predators and end up as pests.
But even the pest yellowjackets are very effective pest 
predators...especially loving caterpillars.  It's just what happens to 
them in late summer that makes us all hate them.  In short, the queen 
leaves the nest and the workers go a little haywire.  They get 
aggressive, and their diet also gets very broad...and where we get into 
trouble.  Our foods, drinks, garbage, etc all look pretty good then.
Unfortunately for them...we're all pretty attached to our food and drink!

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