[NAFEX] "Sour Chari" and "CKVL#1": Joe Brown

Sam Brungardt sam739is at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 26 00:54:15 EDT 2003

Hi, Del.  I was just curious:  Are the Jan and Joy some true-to-name plants 
that you got from St. Lawrence Nurseries or Hartmann's?

Did you raise any plants from the seed I collected from my mother's plants 
in Kansas, and did you notice uniformity, or were they segregating as to 
display a range of phenotypes?  How long do you think it will be before they 
will bloom?  My experience w/ the stock I got from Mom is that I probably 
planted 2 -year-old grafted or budded stock and that they bloomed the second 
year after planting.  I think you'll find the Jan and Joy series (P. 
japonica), Mongolian cherry (P. fruticosa), P. besseyi (sand cherry) and 
nanking cherry (P. tomentosa) well adapted to your climate but unfortunately 
their fruit will be smaller than that of the tree cherries, such as 'Evans'.

I wish I could be of more help to Mary, but she seems very resourceful and 
self-reliant; that she would take the time to  read the documents I 
suggested is proof of that.

This weekend I'll dig up the plants I buried for the winter.  I expect to 
have an Actinidia kolomikta male for you and at least one female.  I have 
the male already, and have ordered three female plants that will be 
delivered this spring from the grower in Massachusetts..  I think this is 
the same species that you saw growing on the chicken coop and run at an 
elderly gentleman's place near you.  I also have a Beta grape for you and I 
believe a Dolgo/Bud 9 tree that I grafted last year.

My Magnolia stellata s in full bloom, some of the minor bulbs, inclluding 
the species tulips are coming into bloom, and my Harglow apricot just began 
blooming today.  Are you seeing signs of growth on the grafted apricot I 
gave you last fall or on the Harison's Yellow rose?

Also, are you seeing any encouraging results w/ any of your blackberry 
cultivars?  I think my Illini Hardy plants came thru the winter in fine 
shape, but they are vicious plants and I yearn for something that's a less 
difficult to handle.  Do you have any candidates?  When I next see you and 
Mary, we'll enjoy a blackberry cobbler and some liqueur that I made last 
fall.  I also have that sourdough starter for Mary; guaranteed to be sour. 
-- Sam

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>The first of the jan, joy...series I have bloomed so profusely and 
>beautifully that I am propagating some as ornamentals to go along our 
>drive, hoping I will also find the fruit useful, Del
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