[NAFEX] pushing buds on my grape cuttings

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One you probably need to check the date and time on your machine.  It looks like you're several days off (when you look
at postings on the ibiblio site, they are listed in machine time order)

>. The 
>grapes are Buchenneaurs, Stubbins and Videls. I'm spelling >these based 
>on how the elderly gentlemen pronounced them. 

I'm pretty sure that Stubbins is Steuben.  Stueben is a 
blue lambrusca type with a spiciness to the taste.  It can
be used for wine.  Large bunches, but I don't think it's nearly as productive as say Concord is.  Here's a picture of Stueben on GrapePictures.Com http://www.grapepictures.com/Varieties/S_to_U/steuben/steuben.html

Videls is probably Vidal (aka Vidal Blanc). A good tasting fruity french-hybrid wine grape.  Long, Large green-yellow bunches. The grapes have somewhat distintive brown flecks on the skin. Very productive.  The picture on GrapePictures.com appears more pink than what I have ever experienced.

Buchenneaurs.  No idea at this point.

>Any recommendations regarding first year pruning? On some of >these 
>cuttings I have 2 to 3 buds coming and am wondering if I >should limit to 
>the lowest buds or wait to see which are strongest.  And also >summer 
>pruning on first year vines? I have now idea if I should  and >if so how.
I defer to Lon, but I would recommend that you let the the cuttings grow this year.  When you plant them out to the vineyard, cut them back to 2-3 buds.  Thin this growth to the two most vigorous shoots.  

Good Luck!

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