[NAFEX] pushing buds on my grape cuttings

Gordon Nofs gc_nofs at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 24 13:40:50 EDT 2003

  Leaves can most always come out, but are there roots?

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, MI.

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Subject: [NAFEX] pushing buds on my grape cuttings
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 22:04:33 -0500

Whoop! Whoop! I"ve got leaves.

This is my first time at propagation grapes and i"ve had great fortune so 
far. Out of 81 cuttings I've lost only 2. The cuttings were taken and 
planted in mid March which is normally a bit late, but this year our spring 
has been late. They are in my garden about 6 inches apart from each other 
until next spring when I'll put them out in the soon to be orchard/vineyard. 
The only soil amendments were a sprinkling of lime and a bit of composted 
cow manure as a top dressing.

Where I helped prune these grapes they are planted 8 feet apart and trained 
double stemmed to 5 feet; then normally 2 branches coming off each stem. I'm 
thinking I'll do the same, but may try a single stem on some.  They also 
prune back hard each spring for quality production. The grapes are 
Buchenneaurs, Stubbins and Videls. I'm spelling these based on how the 
elderly gentlemen pronounced them. He wasn't sure of the correct spelling 
either. If anyone is aware of their correct spelling I would appreciate the 
heads up.

Any recommendations regarding first year pruning? On some of these cuttings 
I have 2 to 3 buds coming and am wondering if I should limit to the lowest 
buds or wait to see which are strongest.  And also summer pruning on first 
year vines? I have now idea if I should  and if so how.

All in all I'm very pleased with how cooperative nature is being. I hope it 
is this fall with pear cuttings.

SE Kansas Zone 6
And had a second tornado watch for the season. :-P

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