[NAFEX] Kevin Bradley

Kevin Bradley kbradley at ttlc.net
Wed Apr 23 13:02:39 EDT 2003

That's such a fantastic offer, to help me with the shipping, thanks for the 
suggestion Lon and Doreen, but its not going to work, more than half the 
stock has leafed out. The accident happened the very day before I had 
intended to dig and ship the stock. Since my time away they have begun to 
Insurance may help pay for the losses. Since I put all my sales payments in 
an account designed to be separate from my essential assets,  just in case 
of a disaster like this, and because I still have an outside job this 
situation won't be a financial disaster. Your concern has been very 
comforting but don't worry, things will work themselves out, I am able to 
graft and plant and next year should not be any different because of the 
Kevin B

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