[NAFEX] multiple apple cultivars on one tree?

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Tue Apr 22 21:14:31 EDT 2003

For what it's worth, I have one branch of Cox's Orange Pippin grafted 
onto a crab.  It is not very vigorous for me, and seems to suffer from 
scab or something more than either the stock or the other scions.  
(Ribston, Ashmead's Kernal, and Tydeman's late are all noticeably 
healthier and more vigorous.)  Of course, it might just be that my 
single graft didn't take very well, and so that branch is weak.  On the 
other hand, I'm in eastern Mass., so the climate is similar.


On Tuesday, April 22, 2003, at 05:14  PM, kathryn stout wrote:

> Which cultivars grow faster and more vigorously? Or
> where to look up that information? If it is the
> cultivar, and this info is known and available, then
> perhaps I can anticipate it--plan where to graft what
> varieties, so my tree does not become so misshapen or
> unbalanced.
> Right now I am about to graft six:
> Gravenstein (I've read is very vigorous)
> Black Oxford
> Cox Orange Pippin (probably not very vigorous here in
> W. Mass, an English apple known for preferring cool or
> water-side climates)
> Golden Russet
> Esophus Spitzenberg
> Northern Spy (vigorous, I think--also known for taking
> a long time to bear)
> Can you tell me more about the relative vigor of these
> varieties, or what reference would list vigor of apple
> varieties??
> I have only space for one tree, so to try multiple
> varieties I have to graft. (Learn--I did have success
> bud-grafting apricot, using RJ Garner's book--but this
> is my first time grafting apple--dormant scion wood on
> a just-beginning-to-grow tree.)
> Kathryn
> Zone 5
> --- Ribes60 at aol.com wrote:
>> I did a lot of this years ago when I first learned
>> to graft well and had
>> access to lots of cultivars. The biggest problem
>> that I encountered was not
>> the time od harvest, but the time of bloom, it meant
>> that I could not
>> properly spray, because the blossoms were in
>> different stages. Another big
>> problem is the growth rate - some cultivars grow
>> much faster and morre
>> vigorously, so the tree becomes very misshapen. On
>> the good side is that
>> there is very good pollination.
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