[NAFEX] multiple apple cultivars on one tree?

kathryn stout kathrynwrites at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 22 17:14:29 EDT 2003

Which cultivars grow faster and more vigorously? Or
where to look up that information? If it is the
cultivar, and this info is known and available, then
perhaps I can anticipate it--plan where to graft what
varieties, so my tree does not become so misshapen or
Right now I am about to graft six:
Gravenstein (I've read is very vigorous)
Black Oxford
Cox Orange Pippin (probably not very vigorous here in
W. Mass, an English apple known for preferring cool or
water-side climates)
Golden Russet
Esophus Spitzenberg
Northern Spy (vigorous, I think--also known for taking
a long time to bear)

Can you tell me more about the relative vigor of these
varieties, or what reference would list vigor of apple
I have only space for one tree, so to try multiple
varieties I have to graft. (Learn--I did have success
bud-grafting apricot, using RJ Garner's book--but this
is my first time grafting apple--dormant scion wood on
a just-beginning-to-grow tree.)

Zone 5

--- Ribes60 at aol.com wrote:
> I did a lot of this years ago when I first learned
> to graft well and had 
> access to lots of cultivars. The biggest problem
> that I encountered was not 
> the time od harvest, but the time of bloom, it meant
> that I could not 
> properly spray, because the blossoms were in
> different stages. Another big 
> problem is the growth rate - some cultivars grow
> much faster and morre 
> vigorously, so the tree becomes very misshapen. On
> the good side is that 
> there is very good pollination.
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