[NAFEX] bumble aggression

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Tue Apr 22 11:39:33 EDT 2003

I wonder what species (of what sort of Hymenopteran?) is called "bumblebee"
south of the Mason D? There are at least 6 species of bumblebee here in
Oregon, and how many? in the Midwest and EAst- they all nest in leaves,
hollows and debris- old mouse nests, etc. Not in the ground, and not in big
families- maybe a dozen sisters is all. They're fat and fuzzy, and you can
hold them in cupped hands. The one sting I've had lasted just a short time.

Now yellowjackets, I can tolerate them- I've pressed cider in a literal
cloud of them- it gets to be a pain straining them out of the juice- but the
don't tolerate ME near a nest, and they attack as a warning. And when I'm
stung, i don't know when I'll pass out or worse. So if they put a nest near
a path, doorway, nursery bed, they have to go. Baldface hornets are meaner,
they go for your eyes, but I don't react to them, phew!


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