[NAFEX] bumble aggression

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Apr 22 09:26:27 EDT 2003

The bumbles are working my blueberries at the moment.

I've only had a single encounter with a bumblebee nest, but it wasn't very 
much fun.  In my limited experience, they're every bit as aggressive as 
yellowjackets if you disturb their nest.
I was mowing some fairly rank, overmature grass alongside the driveway a 
number of years ago, when WHAM! out of nowhere, those rascals started 
nailing me.  Of course, I took off on a sprint - ran at least 50 yards to 
escape them.  Left the lawnmower running - I believe it as positioned 
almost directly over the entrance to the nest at the point in time when I 
departed.  A significant number of bees committed suicide on the mower 
blades as they exited the nest, but it still took a good 30 minutes before 
I was able to sneak back up to the mower and shut it off.  Left it there 
until nightfall, when I was able to remove it safely.  Hated to do it, but 
since I had a 1 & 3 -yr old toddling around at the time, I poured a cup of 
gasoline down the hole to finish off any survivors.


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