[NAFEX] Kerr vs. Trailman as a yard tree

Joe and Ellen Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Mon Apr 21 19:52:54 EDT 2003

Hello all:

I ordered one tree each of Kerr and Trailman crabapple (applecrab?).

I have room in the "civilized" yard for ONE of them.  I am torn as to 
which to plant.

The Kerr ripens late, when the yellow jackets are slow and stupid and 
Kerr is (supposedly) resistant to scab.

Trailman is supposedly a great favorite of children and ripens early.

Can anybody offer an opinion?  Is Trailman extremely susceptible to 
scab?  Is one significantly more floriferous than the other?

-Joe Hecksel
My personal web site: http://my.voyager.net/~jhecksel

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