[NAFEX] bumble bee as pollinator

Bruce Hansen brucehansen at acd.net
Mon Apr 21 16:54:15 EDT 2003

Naw. The point is that if you aggitate a bumble'e nest you are in for some
mighty aggressive behavior. I love them too but that is not the question.

z5 MI
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  But why on earth would you stick your finger in a bee's nest? I say the
first bumblebee of the season yesterday - just in time for forsythia and
cornus mas, and some early dandelions. They were watched me with interest as
I planted some pansies, as did some big flies that were colored like bees. I
expect they will be on the job as soon as the blueberry blossoms open, which
should only take a few more warm days.

  I used to catch bees in glass bottles for sport as a kid. I once "rescues"
one from a spider's web and carefully removed all the silk from its wings. I
work around bumblebees in my garden all the time - they are assiduous
pollinators of my raspberries, and often work the blooms as I pick the
berries. I suppose you can aggravate them enough to get stung, but they
count as "docile" in my book, and I'm happy to have them around.

  Now yellowjackets are nasty.


  On Monday, April 21, 2003, at 03:38 PM, Bruce Hansen wrote:

    One can be around bumble bees all their lives and believe that these
critters are not aggressive. Find a nest. Stick your finger in it and be
prepared for a long sprint. I used to own a ranch in Oregon, near Prineville
on the Crooked River. Come to think of it maybe your bees are pretty mild.
They grow some strange crops in that area.

    Bruce z5 MI

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    I've been around bumblebees all my life here.  I even find it useful to
plant borage to encourage them in the garden as they pollinate beans and
peas to give better set.  Guess the species here are just less aggressive.
Of course I used to keep bees, so stinging insects don't bother me that
    -Lon Rombough

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    Ah! Life must be easy in Oregon. I know a bumble bee and I suspect you
have never bothered a nest. Sweat bees (underground) are also aggressive but
usually if I run fast they give up in a few yards. Although, when watering
some new trees last summer I disturbed a nest (flooded), a few of them kept
up the chase for 30 or so yards.


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