[NAFEX] Bumble aggression

Gene Spears Spears at LMC.edu
Mon Apr 21 14:00:46 EDT 2003

    In my experience, disturbing a wild bumblebee nest is a "stimulating"
event.  Sometimes, I'll accidentally scythe around a nest entrance & get an
unexpected bit of sprint training, usually after a very painful sting or
two.  Not quite as bad as yellow jackets for mass attacks, but still pretty
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That's the most aggressive behavior I've ever heard of in bumble bees.  Are
you sure you didn't have a species of underground living wasp?  
-Lon Rombough

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I have found a similar thing with bumble bees. However, if you disturb their
nest they will chase you. I did this and was chased from the barn to the
house (100 yds)where, to escape, I closed the screen door behind me. The bee
buzzed the screen several times and then waited for me to come out.

Bruce z5 MI

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