[NAFEX] American Sources for Unusual Plums

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     One I'm familiar with is Reine Claude d' Althan.  It's more common
name is Count Althan's Gage.  And as grown in So. Indiana, it was mediocre
at best,
suffered from brown rot as bad as the worst I've had, etc.  Many of these
varieties are way too covered in blah-blah as you well know.
    If you want a truely great european type, try French Petite.


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> probably wrong about their availability, but have hit a wall because I
> only know their French names:  Reine Claude Dorée and Reine Claude
> d'Althan.  There very well may be more common English names for these
> other two but I have no idea what they might be.  Are there any plums
> aficionados on the list who may know the English names or and/or know a
> source for these other two plums?

Count Althan's Gage?
-Joe Hecksel
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