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Ginda, I had a similar experience.  I tried to grow Alpine Strawberries
in New Jersey and they were nothing like the ones in the Alps. I believe
that the growing conditions, climate, etc. have a big influence on the
taste of strawberries.  The strawberries I grew here which I brought
with me from New Jersey don't taste like they did up there.  The
commercial berries grown here are beautiful and very large but they are
missing the flavor and sweetness of  the strawberries I have tasted
I honestly believe that you have to get a variety for your particular
locale which, regardless of variety, will produce a satisfactory berry.
Blueberries which produced large, succulent and delicious berries in NJ
just won't make it here.  I had to switch to the local rabbiteyes. The
Northern bushes survive but just don't produce the same berries. I had
heard this, but had to give them the old college try. Same thing with
plums. I can forget the Japanese types here. They did great there.
The most forgiving of all my fruits are the Japanese pears and
persimmons. Just different insects.
I've just about given up on re-writing the book on planting things out
of certain areas for some fruits and vegetables.
"It is what we learn after we think we know it all, that counts." B.J.
Palmer, DC
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8

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