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I recently decided to add a few Bavay's Green Gage plums to the farm and found them to be readily available through a number of nurseries here in the US.  A few places also carried them under the French name Reine Claude de Bavay.  In the process of reading about this plum, I discovered there are two related strains, differing mostly by color I believe, that don't seem to be available anywhere in the US.  I'm probably wrong about their availability, but have hit a wall because I only know their French names:  Reine Claude Dorée and Reine Claude d'Althan.  There very well may be more common English names for these other two but I have no idea what they might be.  Are there any plums aficionados on the list who may know the English names or and/or know a source for these other two plums?  When I searched on Google I've found these plums to be quite available through Europe, but specifically by their French names.  I can't help but think they've got to be available somewhere in the States.

Are three of these plums are quite beautiful.  You'll find images of them here:

        http://www.plantes-et-jardins.com/catalogue/catalogue4.asp?id_references=3968&id_variations=4000  (Reine Claude de Bavay)

        http://www.plantes-et-jardins.com/catalogue/catalogue4.asp?id_variations=2276 (Reine Claude Dorée)

        http://www.plantes-et-jardins.com/catalogue/catalogue4.asp?id_variations=4919 (Reine Claude d'Althan) 

I've already checked the Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory to try and track down these latter two cultivars, as well as contacted the plum germplasm bank in Prosser, WA.  Any ideas about obtaining these plums here in the US would be greatly appreciated.  



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