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Montmorency and North Star also did well for me with little to no spraying in Zone 7 (North Georgia).  For the first 5 years or so, I sprayed them with dormant oil once a year and that was it.  I got nice crops of perfect cherries.  Career pressures made the annual spraying impractical, but they still produced resonably good crops of bug-free cherries.  Despite the neglect and the sub-tropical climate, almost all those trees are still alive- all over 20 years old now.


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   	From: Charles Paradise [mailto:machelp at attglobal.net] asked:
   	>>Let me expand the question to others, is ANYBODY getting cherries
>>without spraying? 
   	We have been growing Montmorency and North Star in Wisconsin for years
(over 20 years between 2 places) and haven't had any insect problems to worry 
about.  Never sprayed any of them with anything that I recall, unless they 
got dormant oil years ago when I used to remember to do  a dormant oil
spray in the spring.  Usually the birds get their share (and it's the big half 
that they take), but as I mentioned earlier in the year, netting the trees 
helps some.
   	But no problem with insects to worry about around here (western Wisconsin 
an hour east of St Paul, Minnnesota.)
   	Jim Erdman, Menomonie, WI , zone 4


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