[NAFEX] planting tea in cold weather (a little off topic)

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Fri Apr 18 11:31:23 EDT 2003

They need light !  I would treat as a house-plant in a bright room, maybe 
moving outside on warm days to acclimate them / harden them off.


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>Subject: [NAFEX] planting tea in cold weather (a little off topic)
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>I  ordered some marginally hardy plants from south of here.  (Camellias - 
>one is a true tea plant, and I hope to harvest some green tea.  Is that 
>close enough?)  Unfortunately, because it is warm down there, the plants 
>are in active growth and have baby spring leaves.  It's cold here.  Below 
>freezing now, and the forecast is for it to stay chilly (but above freezing 
>after tonight) for the foreseeable future.
>I put them in a cool part of the basement for the night, but there's no 
>light down there.  What would you recommend after that?  Plant soon?  Try 
>to keep inside until it's a bit warmer?  The traditional last frost date is 
>Memorial Day, but a hard frost is unlikely after tonight.
>They are not bare-root.  They were packed with a small root ball.
>eastern MA, zone 6
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