[NAFEX] planting tea in cold weather (a little off topic)

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Thu Apr 17 23:02:12 EDT 2003

I  ordered some marginally hardy plants from south of here.  (Camellias 
- one is a true tea plant, and I hope to harvest some green tea.  Is 
that close enough?)  Unfortunately, because it is warm down there, the 
plants are in active growth and have baby spring leaves.  It's cold 
here.  Below freezing now, and the forecast is for it to stay chilly 
(but above freezing after tonight) for the foreseeable future.

I put them in a cool part of the basement for the night, but there's no 
light down there.  What would you recommend after that?  Plant soon?  
Try to keep inside until it's a bit warmer?  The traditional last frost 
date is Memorial Day, but a hard frost is unlikely after tonight.

They are not bare-root.  They were packed with a small root ball.


eastern MA, zone 6

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