[NAFEX] multiple persimmon cultivars on one tree?

philip sauber mrtejas at lycos.com
Thu Apr 17 20:40:25 EDT 2003

I bought what was supposedly a fuyu persimmon at Home Depot.  When it fruited, it was not the flat tomato shaped fuyu, so I first t-budded ichikeiki jiro on the unknown cultivar on the unknown rootstock (but probably virginianna) last year and then got other budwood.   

I budded several astringant varieties to my saijo tree from edible landscaping and several non-astringent varieties to my matsumoto wase tree with unknown rootstock (but probably virginianna)from Treesearch in Houston, TX.

I've been told that most non-astringants taste the same and that most astringants taste the same except for honon red.  One guy told me he didn't like the taste of honan red and another said it was his favorite.  I'll see for myself.  Most of my friends with persimmon live 1-2 hours away so I'll probably taste them first on my own tree.  I am also grafting my neighbor's mature tasteless and unsweet "Japanese persimmon"(probably hachiya with acorn shaped fruit, last time it fruited about 5 bushels or more of fruit) to several non astringent varieties.  The neighbor(2nd owner)doesn't like persimmons anyway.

>Are you putting your kakis on branched virginiana seedlings, or are you putting multiple varieties on, say, a Fuyu, grafted on Dv or Dk?

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