[NAFEX] multiple persimmon cultivars on one tree?

philip sauber mrtejas at lycos.com
Thu Apr 17 19:52:46 EDT 2003

How about multiples on persimmon?

I have one tree with fuyu, seruga, hana fuyu,and ichikeiki jiro.  

A second has saijo, brad sample, and honan red.  

A third has fuyu, matsumoto wase fuyu, and seruga.  

I went to a master gardeners sale with a friend to keep him company and came back with a fourth tree, giombo.

I know even three persimmon trees full size will swamp me with fruit some day, but 9 would be an avalanche! 

My pear tree has biscamp, colette, southern bartlett, tsu li and ya li on an orient tree.  I couldn't see myself with 5 pear trees.

Next year I hope to graft multiple kinds on paw paw trees I dug up 6 weeks ago and are now leafing out. Surprise, my 3 foot high overleese paw paw had 7 blooms this year!

Anybody have luck grafting jujube?  All 8 suckers I dug up at Sam Power's house in Santa Fe, TX started to leaf out(Sam also graciously gave me persimmon and asian pear budwood.  He has 30 kinds of jujubes).  That is when I grafted them.  The 4 whip grafts I tried took, but the 4 cleft grafts didn't take.  Yesterday, I regrafted them with whips and bark grafts.  I am growing So, Sugarcane, and Lang.


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