[NAFEX] RE: Multiple grafts on same tree?

Ed Fackler efackler at woh.rr.com
Thu Apr 17 18:21:10 EDT 2003


     The virus issue is of lesser importance in apple and likely pear
(despite rhetoric on stony pit which is mostly stink bug damage).  Someone
alluded to the difficulty associated with varying vigor amongst varieties.
And this is the main problem in my experience.
     On stone fruits the virus issue is of more concern as many incidental
viruses are spread via pollen.  Also stone fruits seem more sensative to
certain viruses (like plum pox).

     I'd say don't do it for those trees/varieties you value.

     Warm, rainy here.  Apples near late pink.

ed, SC Ohio near heaven............

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I recall hesistance on the part of some nafex members on multiple cultivars
on same tree, especially sharing scionwood from such trees.  In particular,
concerns about spreading virus.  Any thoughts on this?
Richard Moyer
ZOne 6, East Tenn
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