[NAFEX] "CKVL#1" sour cherry

redherring at tnaccess.com redherring at tnaccess.com
Thu Apr 17 08:09:34 EDT 2003

I am very familiar with this cherry as I used to go pick from the origianl
tree nearly every year.  It was a typical small roundheaded tree with lots
of root suckers, like I have picked from at another lady's house as well.
The owner of the tree told me that it had died last year, but that Hidden
Springs was selling the tree.  I verified that in conversation with them.
The tree was never sprayed or tended in any way, except for the care given
to the flower beds under and around it. Very few of the fruit were bug
damaged.  It bore plenty of cherries most years, I don't know if every year
because some years I didn't think of it in time, and some I picked from the
other lady's trees instead.  The cherry was a bit smaller than the sour
cherries I saw on a tree beside a McMinnville nursery, but that tree got
sickly and died.  And a North Star tree I know of bloomed too early and got
wiped out by frost, whereas the Ckvll tree was pretty reliable.  As for the
original tree dying, if it had been mine, it would not have been that
important, as I would have had a root sucker coming along.  The other lady
keeps two trees going, and cuts one down when it gets too tall to pick
easily, letting a sucker replace it.  I'll bet that Hidden Springs has
budded onto rootstock, and you can't get the same tree from suckers.  On the
other hand, this tree is likely to come true from seeds.  A lot of fruit
around here was grown from seed.     Donna

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