[NAFEX] multiple apple cultivars on one tree?

Gordon Nofs gc_nofs at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 16 20:49:02 EDT 2003

   I had three multiple apple trees. as a matter of fact I have many 
multiple variety trees. The one apple tree had over 75 varieties. another 
apple tree was mostly of apples of delicious and combinations of. Never had 
any problems. I just decided to get rid of apples mostly because I could no 
longer care for them properly. I do have a friend that had 2 apple trees of 
over 100 different varieties of different types one had 135 varieties. 
Something hit them both in the same year and he lost them both. Did he 
transfer something from a diseased scion from one tree to the other??? It 
was a very dry year that year. many of us lost trees that year.

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, MI.

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Subject: [NAFEX] multiple apple cultivars on one tree?
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 16:30:03 +0000

I plan to top-work some apple trees to different cultivars. Is there any 
harm to the tree in having two or more cultivars on the same tree? Should 
the cultivars have about the same harvest date or doesn't this matter? Is 
there any reason not to do this?

North Dakota
Zone 3

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