[NAFEX] "Sour Chari" and "CKVL#1": Joe Brown

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Sorry, I forgot to complete the thought.  There are three selections
available, Jan, Joy, and Joel .  Edible Landscaping (Nafex's own Michael
McConkey) in Afton, VA. has them.  They are usually sold own-rooted.
-Lon Rombough

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The late Professor Elwyn Meader crossed two species of plums to get a fruit
that looks and tastes like a pie cherry, but on a bush only 6 feet tall at
maximum. The interesting part is that they ripen in August when all other
cherries are gone and the birds usually ignore them because at that time of
year their brains tell them to seek blue or black fruit. I imagine they
would be safe from cherry fruit flies because they are much later than the
flies are around, and being plums (technically) they might not be attractive
to the flies. 

Lon:  Did Professor Meader make the cross available commerically and  is it
still available?  Has any of our  members planted this cross?  I have room
in the orchard and would like to give it a try in coastal zone 7.

Ward Barnes, Wake, VA

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