[NAFEX] gooseberry question

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Wed Apr 16 00:06:12 EDT 2003

From: Judith Miller <paradisegds at yahoo.com>

Can anyone tell me what fruit might be masquerading as a gooseberry?  I got
a box of fruit from a friend last summer that she called gooseberries. The
fruit, though large, translucent, gold & hairy-spiny, was insipid and very

There's one I know- Early Sulfur? (that may be the name)- is yellow and has
stiff hairs. I wouldn't call it large, though it's bigger by far than
Pixwell. If fully ripe, like many gooseberries, it's a bit bland. It's
early, bears well and is healthy, and good for cooking if not too ripe. I
eat them fresh at the full (over?) ripe stage.


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