[NAFEX] "Sour Chari" and "CKVL#1": Joe Brown

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Tue Apr 15 14:49:59 EDT 2003

Joe Brown,
You mention that in Kentucky, "Sour Chari" and "CKVL#1" have "no major 
insect or disease problems".
I find this fascinating because the two sour cherries I have grown in 
the past, Montmorency and North Star, both had major insect problems, I 
mean I could not get any fruit at all without plenty of insecticide 
spraying.  Since I have no time anymore for spraying, I'm asking for 
clarification, are you getting these cherries without any spraying?

Let me expand the question to others, is ANYBODY getting cherries 
without spraying?   I have heard the statement made that a very small 
cherry will be unbothered because the cherry is too small for the 
insect to get into and lay eggs there's not enough room in the fruit to 
receive an egg deposit.  Therefore, while we would all like big juicy 
cherries, is it possible for us to "settle" on a cherry variety that 
yields small fruit, but does not need spraying?  And if it is possible 
for us to settle for us to "settle" on a small-cherry variety, is there 
any high-yielding small-cherry variety propagated?  Or a specific 
strain grown from seed that will throw a cherry tree yielding small 

Charlie Paradise
zone 5 / Massachusetts

On Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 08:29 AM, Brown, Joe R wrote:

> You wrote:
> A while back someone posted a method to access the Hidden Springs
> nursery catalog online and I noticed that Hidden Springs offer two sour
> cherries on Mahaleb rootstock (which I can't use). These two varieties
> were "Sour Chari" and "CKVL#1". Both were listed for zones 4-8. I
> searched around and couldn't find out anything worthwhile about either
> of these. Does anyone have additional information about either of these
> two varieties? Rodney in zone 4
> My response: 
> Rodney,
> I have CKVL#1.  I got it 2 years ago – no major insect or disease 
> problems.  It does get powdery mildew.  I have not tasted the cheeries 
> but I may get some this year.   Post your question again this summer 
> and I can tell you how they taste.
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