[NAFEX] scion -- best length?

Charles Paradise machelp at attglobal.net
Sun Apr 13 15:47:17 EDT 2003


Just to rehash, I have you written down for 15 of the Bud 118.   If 15 
isn't correct, please send me back proper number.
Also, pasted below is my Have/Want list in case I have anything you 
Charles Paradise  65 Adin Drive  Concord MA 01742-3505
machelp at attglobal.net  [978] 369-2327                    4/13/03
Have unlimited quantities of these scions, provided you request now to 
so I cut before they come out of dormancy:
*highly recommended but not for organic growers
**highly recommended organic and non-organic alike
*Northern Spy apple, plums: South Dakota, **Kahinta
**gritty juicing pear variety unknown not for eating out of hand
Grape:  **Swensen's Red  good taste, but not supreme
Have one or two scions or maybe a little more:  Plums:  NY 1502, 
Robusto, Toka, native plums Assiniboine and Surprise
Hazelnut:  only seedling of 20 that survived EFBlight
Chestnut:  **Acton chestnut [local find:   apparantly self pollinating, 
keeps well in refrigerator, sweet]
Walnut:  **B-2
Apple:  Downing Tart [this one has flavor]
Want  [I will refund your postage]
Prefer  to receive 5/16” scionwood [size of regular no.2 pencil]
Apples:   any tart apples like Pink Pearl.  Tart apples that can keep 
in root cellar:  Akin, Carpentin, Collins, Cooper Market, Lawver, 
Monmouth Pippen, Ontario, Salome, Scott Winter, Sturmer Pippen, and 
Yellow Bellflower.

Crabapples with good taste, especially Trailman, Caramel, Chestnut, 
Callaway, Wickson, Kerr, or any of the Etter of California 
crabapple-apple hybrids.  Also want the Giant Russian Crabapple

Pears:  Gorham, Atlantic Giant. any good oriental pear,
any kind of pear that keeps in a root cellar for months, any perry pear 
that produces well under a no-spray program.

Plum:    Hanska - #1 most wanted
Stark’s Giant Damson.
AU-Cherry     AU-Roadside    AU-Homeside
any Burbank plums like Red Ace, Santa Rosa, Burbank, Satsuma.
American plums Wastesa and Yuteca, native ‘’Wild Goose’’ plum.
Byron Georgia releases Rubysweet and Explorer.

Grape:  KeeWahDin, Rich Grem's Brandis, Mother Gloid, Alden
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