[NAFEX] Graft callusing/Planting Question

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Sat Apr 12 18:04:28 EDT 2003

I have to say plant em.  Most of your bench grafts say it's time, and I bet 
they will all do better outside.  If the slow ones are actually dead, it's 
not that much effort to plant them; if they are alive they'll do better 


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>Subject: [NAFEX] Graft callusing/Planting Question
>Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 10:35:58 -0400
>When I bench grafted apples and pears this spring, I stored the completed 
>trees in damp woodchips [the roots], covered the container with a large 
>clear plastic bag, under flourescent light at about 65F.  As the pear and 
>apple scions broke dormancy, I've planted the trees either outside [the 
>pears] or in pots [the apples].  The last 3 I planted had significant 
>length to their developing feeder roots.  I have 4 additional trees that 
>are not showing significant signs of growth.  QUESTION:  Should I pull the 
>trees and plant them, or wait until the scions show activity?
>This is the method that was shown to me for callusing prunus bench grafts 
>with the exception that the air temp should be higher.  Since the spring 
>here has been cold and very wet, I adapted it for my apple and pear grafts.
>TIA for any recommendations.
>Chris Mauchline
>SE PA, zone 6
>40° 5' N    75° 51'W
>~650 ft elevation
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