[NAFEX] Rhubarb under grapevines

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Fri Apr 11 18:48:54 EDT 2003

Ed is right, in one sense.  I had rhubarb that came back year after year in
one place I lived, but I was amazed at how much bigger, juicier, and more
productive it was when I loaded on the compost and rotted manure (or fish
pellets).  Guess it depends on how much rhubarb you can eat.
Oregon, where the lilacs are starting to bloom, the crab apples and the
Gravensteins are blossoming, and it's a very soggy spring which we need to
insure good electricity supplies.

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Lon, Joe, anyone else interested:
     We had rhubarb in VERY poor soils for well over 20 years and couldn't
kill it.............  Very near the dripline of a Water Maple.....
     For what this is worth, I don't have a clue.....  Just thought I'd jack
my jaw abit....
     Warm here, apples in tight cluster, peaches in late pink, I'm in early
Ed, S. Ohio nearer heaven every day..

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