[NAFEX] Rhubarb under grapevines

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Re: [NAFEX] Rhubarb under grapevinesLon, Joe, anyone else interested:

     We had rhubarb in VERY poor soils for well over 20 years and couldn't
kill it.............  Very near the dripline of a Water Maple.....

     For what this is worth, I don't have a clue.....  Just thought I'd jack
my jaw abit....

     Warm here, apples in tight cluster, peaches in late pink, I'm in early

Ed, S. Ohio nearer heaven every day..
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  Light isn't the problem, fertilizer is.  Rhubarb likes LOTS of
fertilizer - rotted manure, that sort of thing.  Plant it near the grapes
and you will overfertilize them in the process, making them too vigorous and
disrupting fruit set.

    -Lon Rombough

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    Subject: [NAFEX] Rhubarb under grapevines


    Does anybody have experience planting rhubarb under grapevines?

    I bought a package of rhubarb seed and now have 14 plants.  I am
    looking for a place to put them.  The grapes are primarily French-
    American hybrids trained to Geneva Double Curtain.

    It certainly looks like there will be plenty of light until June 15, or
    so and I much prefer rhubarb to nettles, thistles and catnip that now
    want to grow there.

    Any comments or observations will be appreciated.
    Joe Hecksel
    Personal Webpage http://my.voyager.net/~jhecksel

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