[NAFEX] Rhubarb under grapevines

Joe Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Fri Apr 11 16:51:52 EDT 2003


Does anybody have experience planting rhubarb under grapevines?

I bought a package of rhubarb seed and now have 14 plants.  I am 
looking for a place to put them.  The grapes are primarily French-
American hybrids trained to Geneva Double Curtain.  

It certainly looks like there will be plenty of light until June 15, or 
so and I much prefer rhubarb to nettles, thistles and catnip that now 
want to grow there.

Any comments or observations will be appreciated.
Joe Hecksel
Personal Webpage http://my.voyager.net/~jhecksel

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