[NAFEX] planting /sod

paul simon paul.simon at tcs.wap.org
Fri Apr 11 11:34:52 EDT 2003

I only planted 14 trees last fall, but plan on growing them for at 
least 20 years. I improved the subsoil down to 24 to 27 inches with 
topsoil, very mature compost, and sandy loam, for drainage and slow 
release of nutrients. This increased volume for root development 
should help support the tree (M-9 apples) physically, and the 
increased CEC capacity will act as a nutrient reservoir.

We have to improve and supplement the root zone before we install the 
plant, not after the plant has become established. If I could have 
gone down 4 feet, I would have. Again, I only planted 14, but I used 
the best varieties into a superior growth medium.

I did notice 2 to 4 inches subsidence this spring, but my grafts were 
8 - 10 inches from the crown, and in no danger of being buried.

Paul S. zone 7 rose, rainy with temp holding in the 40's.

Chris wrote;

>I lift the sod, dig my hole, Plant the tree up to the soil level 
>with generally not using the sod (or only taking the lowest root 
>zone.  Then I use the sod (upside down) as the raised ring around 
>the planting hole that many books recommend having for watering.
>Chris Mauchline
>SE PA, zone 6
>40° 5' N    75° 51'W
>~650 ft elevation
><<Plant the young tree next,
>mounding dirt around it up to ground level.  Then in a couple days the sod
>slabs have dried enough I can shake about half of the dirt back where it
>came from. In another month or so the sod slabs have dried / died and I put
>the half circles, roots up, back in their original place around the tree as
>a mulch.
>Just curious how other folk do it. Happy planting, Del
>  >>

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