[NAFEX] Different Rootstocks for Honeycrisp

Bruce D Kelley drfruit at juno.com
Thu Apr 10 21:14:23 EDT 2003

Re: Honeycrisp trees-

I have but one Honeycrisp I purchased on M-111.  It is one of the best
trees & apples in my orchard; a nice large pyramidal tree.  The fruit is
excellent.  My question, though is this - how do you go about sending the
patent fees?  Do you need a license first, or can you just send the
correct fee for each treee you propagate?  I have long wanted to
propagate some of the better varieties of patented fruit for sale & gifts
(such as Einset grape, Pristine & Honeycrisp apple) but do not know where
to send the patent fees.  Any help would be appreciated!


On Wed, 9 Apr 2003 21:48:42 -0400 "Sgroppino Farms"
<sgroppino at sgroppino.com> writes:
> Hey folks. . .
> I'm curious what people's experiences have been growing Honeycrisp 
> on a wide variety of rootstocks.  Many of the postings I've read on 
> Honeycrisp seem to be addressing the fragile graft union problems 
> when grafting it onto Bud 9 or M26 or another dwarfing stock.  I'm 
> going to be growing a number of Honeycrisp on Antanovka, Bud 118, 
> Bud 490 and on a Bud 9/111 Interstem and would very much like to 
> hear what kind of successes (or problems) people have had with 
> Honeycrisp on these other rootstocks.  How long will I need to stake 
> the Bud 9/111 Interstem before the tree will no longer require 
> staking?   Will Honeycrisp on Bud 118 or Antanovka have me old and 
> gray (I'm 39) before I see my first good crop?   What kind of yields 
> can I expect on mature Honeycrisp trees using these rootstocks?
> Any/all advice greatly appreciated.
> John 
> * * * * *
> John A Gasbarre
> Sgroppino Farms
> Vinalhaven Island, Maine
> sgroppino at sgroppino.com
> USDA Zone 5

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