[NAFEX] Beautiful Fruits

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Thu Apr 10 11:35:36 EDT 2003

Don Yellman wrote:
> 1.  An unusually attractive Kandil Sinap apple from the 1999 season.
> Doreen actually ended up in physical possession of this apple, along
> with two escorts.  Hope she ate them.

I sure did eat them Don, and they were delicious.  And, I photographed them
for the upcoming book.  Apples offer not only beauty, but a diversity of
flavors.  It's been difficult to limit the apple varieties I'm including.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their views on beautiful fruit.  It's been
most helpful.  I am including the pomegranate and LSU Purple fig.  I had
forgotten how beautiful a fig is.

About Ginda's observation that starfruit it beautiful, but it has no taste.
It's like any other fruit, Ginda.  If you eat a tree-ripened fruit,
carambola is bursting with flavor.  The Powers (Sam & Ginger) grew one from
a seed taken from a grocery store purchase in their Santa Fe, TX greenhouse.
The tree pushed out of the roof, which they remove for the summer, and grew
to be nearly 20 feet.  The fruit was fantastic.

Again, thanks to everyone.
Doreen Howard

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