[NAFEX] scion -- best length?

Gordon Nofs gc_nofs at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 8 19:25:58 EDT 2003

  I graft from 1 bud length to 4 bud length. depends on what I have and how 
many times I want to try to start it hoping maybe at least one takes on 
certain limited piece. I also graft from 1/16 diameter and up. Preferring 3 
/16 to 5/16 diameter.

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, MI.
About scion length, I would like to hear opinions what length is best.

My usual grafting method is dormant spring saddle grafting.   I like to work 
with scions of 5/16" thickness, which is about exactly the size of a regular 
no. 2 pencil.

True or False?  It's necessary to have 4 or more inches in scion length to 
have energy reserves enough to callus the graft union.  [if so, how does 
summer budding work when the scion [in this case just a single bud with a 
little wood around it] is capable of uniting with the stock?

True or False?  It's hard for a longer scion to 'take'.

True or False?  A short scion [say, just two inches long] with just one bud 
can 'take.'  Can anyone point to any successful or unsuccessful experiences 
with grafting with shorter scions?

Charlie Paradise
zone 5 / Massachusetts

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